Sick Bay

Boarders & Day Scholars

As part of our pastoral care and responsibility, the College offers a sick bay for students who become unwell or are injured while at school.   The sick bay is manned by a member of staff 24 hours a day under the guidance of a qualified nurse (San Sister) who reports to a member of Management Team. (Hostel Superintendent, Teacher in Charge of Sport, Vice Principal, etc.)

The College has in place an arrangement with a qualified Doctor to oversee the Sick Bay and is fully equipped to deal with minor illnesses and injuries that occur in the course of College activities, as well as administering prescription medication to boarder students at the College.  The Sick Bay is not intended to replace the role of the Family GP in diagnosing and treating student illnesses, it is intended as a first point of call for students who become unwell or receive minor injuries while at school.  The San Sister keeps a log of all visitors who receive attention and the Principal receives a weekly report of everyone who is attended to at the Sick Bay.

The San Sister keeps medical records of all students as provided by parents as part of the enrolment process.  It is vital that this information is accurate and kept up-to-date with any changes in a student’s medical condition in order that the correct medical treatment be administered if a student requires attention.

If a student feels unwell or is injured during lessons or activities, she will be escorted to sick bay by another student, having excused herself from her teacher.  After an assessment by the San Sister a note will be written by the San Sister excusing the student from class and/or activities.  For Day Scholar students, the San Sister will contact the parents to collect their daughter or allow her to rest in sick bay until well enough to return to class.  Parents who collect their daughters must sign them out from the Front Office where they will be given a gate pass.

For Boarders, dependent on the severity of the illness or injury, they will be kept in the Sick Bay and monitored by the San Sister until they are well enough to return to Hostel.  If necessary, parents will be notified and an appointment will be made with the School Doctor to examine and treat the student.  Students are requested to follow the above procedure and reminded not to contact their parents directly if they are injured or unwell; the school has in place procedures to ensure that illnesses and injuries are examined and dealt with correctly.  Serious injuries, and in particular head injuries must be properly assessed and recorded to detail any symptoms presented and any treatment administered and this report will be given to the parents.

In the case of an emergency, parents will be contacted immediately.

Whilst the Sick Bay facility is one provided by the school as a Service, regular visits to sick bay may eventually lead to a charge if it is felt the service is being abused.  In all events, where medicines are administered, parents will be notified in order to safeguard against potential over dose.

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