Community Service

At Girls’ College we encourage students to be actively involved in the community they belong to through numerous community service projects. 

We aim to teach them valuable life lessons about giving back, getting involved and leading by example in order to help mould responsible citizens of the future.

Girls’ College Blood Drive

Three times a year the National Blood Service team comes to the Girls College on a Blood Drive. Students and teachers rally round to donate blood: it’s a time for girls (and staff) to overcome their fears, it’s positive peer pressure, and it’s a chance to be superwoman for a day.  The turnout is always incredible for this important cause.


Girls’ College has an active and passionate Interact Club who are responsible for coordinating many of the School collections such as the annual Bulawayo Shoebox Initiative, clothing, food and toiletry drives such as in the case of Cyclone Idai.  The work they do each year touches the lives of many in need.

Class projects

Every year each class in the school is responsible for identifying a worthy cause to support and fundraising in aid of this cause.  Charities supported have included Bulawayo SPCA and other animal charities, numerous children’s homes, homeless shelters and old age homes. 

The work done by the students seldom makes headlines, but it’s all about making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Whenever there is a community crisis, our students dig deep, giving both of their time and whatever financial assistance they can through fundraising and we are always proud of their efforts.

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