Boarders & Hostel Facilities

The administration and efficient running of a large hostel complex inevitably depends on the close co-operation between the school, parents and boarding students. This sub-section contains information that parents and boarding students will need to know and is divided into Hostel Administration and Personal :-

Hostel Administration

The rules and procedures detailed under this section are in place to maintain the smooth running of the school's hostel complex and to provide boarders with a structured and comfortable environment during their stay.

Structure Of the Hostel Supervision

A Hostel Superintendent, who is a professional member of the teaching staff, is in charge of the hostel complex at Girls' College. Falling under the superintendent are a number of resident matrons or 'house-mothers' placed in charge of each hostel and are on duty during the week and weekends. Each resident matron is assisted by school prefects who are allocated to each hostel. When a resident matron is off-duty they are replaced by a relief matron.

Parent Hostel Superintendent Meetings

If parents need to meet with the Hostel Superintendent for any reason, they can arrange to do so by appointment between 12:10 and 13:10 on Fridays. Any meetings will take place in the Superintendent's hostel office.

Hostel Rooms

Ordinarily, Girls' College allocates a room to each boarding student. However, if a student would like to share rooms with particular friends they need to place a request, in writing, to their hostel Superintendent who will endeavour to grant such requests if possible. Boarding students are allowed to decorate their rooms. Pictures, posters (limited to 2 per student) and small ornaments are permited, but the school cannot accept liability for the possible loss and / or damage of thes items.

Homework Periods

For one hour, between 18:30 and 19:30, junior boarding students undertake a homework period supervised by hostel prefects. This is in addition to their afternoon prep sessions. Senior boarding students are allowed to work in their own rooms.


Girls' College employs a trained sister to run the school's Sick Bay. All student medications must be handed into the Sick Bay and students are required to hand in their medical aid card or a photocopy as well. Special medications must be accompanied with detailed instructions on their usage or application. Basic medications, such as aspirin, are supplied by Girls' College. Parents are advised to not provide their daughters with sundry tablets to bring to school.

Exeats And Weekend Leave

Girls' College policy towards boarders are that they are allowed to be taken off school premises every weekend. All boarders who wish to leave for the weekend must be booked for weekend leave any time from Monday through to Thursday between 9:00am and 12:00pm, but no later than 12:15pm Thursday afternoon. Failure to do so may preclude the boarding student from being allowed to leave. Boarding students are not permited to leave with anyone other than parents or persons specifically designated to do so on the student's visiting list. The person or persons, who must be an adult, booking the student out must sign the pupil out and back in. This person or persons then assumes total responsibilty for the student until they are book back in. If a student will be traveling on public transport for weekend leave, they are allowed to sign themselves out. Girls' College allows boarding students to book back in on Monday morning by no later than 7:00am, however if this is abused, students will lose this privledge and must book back in by 5:00pm Sunday afternoon. Boarding students leaving for the weekend must book out in uniform and return in uniform, including those using public transport.

If a boarding student has any sporting, cultural or academic commitments over a weekend these taken precedence over any exeat or weekend leave arrangements. In addition Girls' College requires every student to attend two or three school events every term which also take precedence.

During the week boarding students are allowed to leave the school premises, having been given signed permission by the Hostel Superintendent, if they do not have any afternoon school commitments. Boarding students are allowed to go to the nearby Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre unsupervised. However, visits to Bulawayo city centre must be done with the supervision of an adult on the student's visiting list. A bus is available to transport boarding students to Bulawayo city centre on Friday afternoons, but students must be in parties of three or more. If parents do not wish their daughter to go into town or to Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre they must inform the Hostel Superintendent in writing.

Visitors And Visiting Times

Boarding students are allowed visitors, but these must be approved by their parents and must appear on the student's visiting list. Visitors will be required to sign a visitor's book each time they visit the school.

Visiting times for visitors are weekends between 3:30pm and 5:00pm.

Telephone Calls

Boarders are allowed to receive telephone calls in the hostels, but only from parents and Girls' College asks parents to confine calls to once a week.

In the case of an emergency parents may call the school offices on (+263) - 9 - 258118 / 9 during office hours or the Hostel Superintendent on (+263) - 9 - 250839 in the evenings.

Hostel Weekends

Barring school commitments, boarders will be relatively free over the weekends. In addition to using the time to catch up on work and / or studies, boarders are allowed to play tennis on the school's courts or to swim under supervision, weather permiting. The hostels also have audio-visual equipment and movies are shown over the weekend.


The rules and procedures detailed in this section are in place as a guide for boarders on a more personal level.


All clothing brought into the hostels by boarding students must be marked with the student's name using printed name tape. Unmarked clothing that goes missing is impossible to trace. Clothes will be checked at the beginning of each term and unmarked clothing will be returned to parents for marking. Clothing failing subsequent checks will be confiscated and a fine will be charge per garment for retrieval. Confiscated clothing that is not claimed will be sold for contribution to hostel funds. Printed name tapes are available from local clothing stores or hostel matrons can place orders on the behalf of students.

Girls' College suggests the following:-

  • 6 bras
  • 6 panties
  • 5 pairs of socks / stockings
  • 1 pair of black shoes
  • 4 school uniforms (minimum)
  • 1 blazer (with embroided badge)
  • 3 school jerseys
  • 1 school track suit
  • 1 school hat
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes or track shoes
  • 1 pair of hockey boots (for students who will be playing hockey)
  • 1 sports kit or 2 if student will be playing a lot of sport
  • 1 white golf shirt (with school logo)
  • 1 navy blue swimming costume (for summer)
  • 2 swimming towels
  • 3 vests or spencers (for winter)
  • 3 nighties or pyjamas (essential)
  • 1 dressing gown
  • 1 casual track suit
  • 1 casual bathing costume (for summer)
  • 1 laundry bag
  • 2 hand towels (marked with name)
  • 2 bath towels (marked with name)
  • 1 house T-shirt (can be purchased from school Thrift Shop)
  • 1 duvet
  • 3 duvet covers
  • 3 sheets
  • 1 pillow
  • 3 pillow cases
  • 1 blanket (for winter)
  • Coat hangers
  • Tissues
  • Sanitary towels
  • Shoe cleaning kit
  • Sponge bag
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Any other necessary toiletries
  • A maximum of 4 casual outfits (including casual shoes), e.g. 4 dresses or 4 tops and 4 skirts, jeans & 4 jerseys / jackets

Please note that it is essential that your daughter(s) has nighties or pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown as the occasion may arise when she may have to spend time in the Sick Bay.

Please make sure all clothes are clearly marked. Unmarked clothing will be sent home.

Travel Arrangements

Parents are responsible for any air or bus bookings. Transport to and from the airport or a bus station will be provided by Girls' College only for official exeat weekends or at the beginning and end of term, fuel permitting. If this is required the Hostel Superintendent must be given prior notice.

Pocket Money

In order to circumvent the perennial problem of boarders' pocket money, Girls' College encourages boarders to open Ecobank accounts as they can access the Ecobank banking services and ATM facilities at Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre on Fridays when they go shopping. Students can also use the Ecocash facility that the Econet cell phone network offers.

Special Diets

Any boarding student requiring a special diet for religious or heath reasons must submit a letter, containing details, to their hostel matron. The school will then try to accommodate genuine requests.


Bad behaviour and untidiness in the hostels by boarding students is not tolerated. Bad behaviour will be reported to parents directly.