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Principal's Newsletter Issue 1, 1st Term 2018


First Term 2018 Newsletter (16/01/2018)

Girls' College Principal, Mrs Ross

Principal, Mrs Ross

Dear Parents/Guardians,

2018!!!! How the time flies, as I am completing my 10th year at Girls' College.  It has been good and many developmental changes have happened and we know that this year there will be more.  I thank you all for your support.

We would like to welcome all our new Form 1's and the numerous new students who have joined us this January. We have also had three new members of staff join us, Mrs C. Duckworth (Sport and Auxiliary), Mrs R. Friend (Art) and Mrs B. Rheam (English).  We wish them all a long and happy association with the College.

We would again like to remind you that in order to be more cost effective with our D6 Communicator we are encouraging parents, who own companies, or work with companies, to advertise through this media. A "banner" can be put at the bottom of a page for a nominal charge, details of which can be discussed through the School Administrator.

Congratulations must go to our three students who wrote the Mandarin HSK Level 2 exam at the University of Zimbabwe who all passed, with one student having an almost perfect score.  Our thanks to Ms Maksimovic for keeping the momentum going and motivating the girls to learn to speak conversational Chinese.