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First Term 2018 Newsletter (16/02/2018)

Girls' College Principal, Mrs Ross

Principal, Mrs Ross

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The extra week to fixture free weekend seems to have been a long time coming. These dates were agreed on by the ATS/CHISZ Schools as being the best time to have this long weekend as it meant that we could include the public holiday of Wednesday 21st February which will now be known as National Youth Day. We try to have some uniformity amongst our organization so that parents with children in different schools can all have the time off together. Term beginning and ends are determined by the Ministry and we are encouraged to adhere to these.

We would like to welcome Mr Eppel who has come to do some part-time teaching for us in the English Department.  A sincere thanks to Mrs A Edwards who came in to assist while Ms Jenjezwa recovers from a back injury.

Our Academic Assembly was held today, Friday 16th February to allow parents of our Boarders to join us in celebrating their daughter’s success. We thank Eliza Karasava for being our guest of honor at this special event.


To highlight a few of our achievements:Our A.L. pass rate for 2017 is 99.6%.  6 students had 14 or more points. Our A.S. pass rate is 88%. Special mention must be made of Tinashe Zhuwarara with her exceptional A.S. results.  At I.G.C.S.E. our overall pass rate is 86.3%.   A* increased from 61 to 73, A's increased from 178 to 184.  A clear indication that our quality is better, as was our overall pass rate which rose from 85.6% in 2016 to 86.3% in 2017.

Our top academic class had a pass rate of 99.6% with only one D. 100% having 5 or more passes. The second class had a 94% pass rate overall, also studying 9 or 10 subjects and 100% pass rate with 5 I.G.C.S.E. subjects.  The third class had a 87% pass rate with only one student not getting 5 I.G.C.S.E. passes.  So out of our top 3 classes (75 students) we had 1 student who did not get 5 "O" Levels, a 99% pass rate. The fourth stream students need to be commended on 4 of them having 5 or more passes and one student having 7 passes. They also have two City and Guilds Level 1 passes in Bookkeeping and Business Finance, so if we take those as "O" level subjects, which one university in America has done, they had a 64% pass rate.  Our Business Administration Department continues to do us proud with students leaving us with First Class passes at Level 3.  This is due to the total dedication of the staff to their students. Congratulations to the top students. These students also had the opportunity of leaving us with A.S. English Language and Travel and Tourism or Art.

We have a very busy few weeks left when we return from half term and a lot of events which parents are invited to join us.  We will keep you posted on our D6 Communicator which is working well as a means of regular updates.

A reminder for Cambridge 2018 students that the sourcing of pounds is not going to be easy and we would strongly recommend that this is not left till the last minute.  Registration Forms are available in the Front Office and monies collected can be receipted at the Accounts Department.

We hope you have a restful fixture free weekend with your daughters and please travel safely.  School resumes on Thursday 22nd February after we have celebrated National Youth Day.

"Happiness will come to you when it comes from you. Success will be yours when you choose to take responsibility for making it so" ~ (Unknown)


Yours Sincerely