Principal's Newsletter Issue 6, 2nd Term 2017

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Second Term 2017 Newsletter (10/08/2017)

Girls' College Principal, Mrs Ross

Principal, Mrs Ross

Dear Parents/Guardians,Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to thank you for your support this term.  It has been a very busy term both academically and culturally and sporting wise and we have had much to celebrate in all these areas.  We would like to thank the staff for all the extra time that they give and do behind the scenes to make these activities happen.

We would like to thank Sister Ivy Sibanda for standing in for Sister Olonga Musendo who has joined us to replace Sister Grace Moyo who was recalled by Ministry.  We thank them all for their commitment to the welfare of the girls.

Third Term is going to be very hectic with Cambridge exams starting earlier and earlier.  To prepare our girls fully for these exams we will be offering lessons during the last week of the holidays.  A time table will be attached to this newsletter but copies can also be found on our other social media platforms.  Please understand that these are not compulsory, but students are encouraged to attend.  Some staff members have made other arrangements with their students using internet facilities to communicate with them and mark and return past paper work.  If you have any queries please do feel free to phone the front office.

Also during the holidays we have a group of Girls' College students on a French Tour.  We hope that you are enjoying our continual up-dates of all our events which are being communicated on our social medial platforms.  Please can we just ask you to check that you have downloaded the d6 Communicator as this seems to be a very efficient way of communicating immediately with parents, we managed to use this to communicate to parents re the false article which appeared in the Chronicle.


Parents will be notified once the Third Term Calendar is available for downloading on the school website but school opens on Tuesday 12th September.

Only soft copies of the report will be sent out this term as per an earlier notification.  If you are not receiving these, please let the front office know and give us any other alternative addresses.  These reports have been sent out on Wednesday so if you have any further queries do contact us.

Please note that school office will be closed for the week of the 14th to the 18th August.  After that the office will be open mornings only till the last week of holidays when offices will open at 8am to 4pm.

Wishing you and your daughters a pleasant and well deserved holiday but reminding the Cambridge Candidates to use this time wisely to consolidate and revise all work so that they return next term ready to ask about any queries.  A reminder that staff are available in the afternoons to deal with any individual queries.  Set yourself some goals and work at achieving this.

"If you can dream it, you can do it" ~ Walt Disney


Yours sincerely