Our Purpose

A Girls' College education gives girls the best possible opportunities to achieve their potential in both the academic and personal spheres.

Academic excellence forms the basis of Girls' College life, but just as important is the formation of character. We are committed to making our girls ready for their lives well beyond Girls' College. We recognise also that an education in the 21st century needs to inspire, prepare and equip children to sustain a lifetime of independently sought learning, and to give them the flexibility and resourcefulness to flourish in our rapidly changing world.

Girls are encouraged to embrace a broad range of co-curricular activities to suit their passions and interests, from the sporting to the intellectual and cultural. Added to this, a global outlook encourages girls to play a part in the wider world, creating young women who value the communities to which they belong. The curriculum promotes the values of mutual respect, integrity and courage, while nurturing intellectual curiosity, creativity, confidence and an enduring sense of belonging.

Girls are at the heart of all we do; we are ambitious for their futures, collectively and individually.