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Starting in the 2nd school term of 2015, the school website will feature, in the News Section, interesting articles of an educational and/or human interest value.  Initially these articles will be published on a bi-weekly schedule, but this may increase depending on the number of articles or stories found.  Some articles may be published in their entirety whilst others, due to copyright issues, will be published in part with a link to the website featuring the full article.

The school website would like to encourage Girls' College students and staff to notify the website team of any articles or stories that they deem interesting and worthy of inclusion.  If a contributed article is published on the school website, the student or staff member will be acknowledged.  If the contributing student or staff member has an interesting story behind how they found said article, feel free to tell the website team and it will be included along with the interesting article.  You can do this by contacting Miss Thandi Banda.

The publishing of these articles is meant to encourage more participation and interest by the school's students and staff members in their school's website.  The website can only grow in strength with this increase in participation and this participation will help to bolster the value of ownership, for the website, amongst the school's students and staff.

With this preamble over let us begin with the first article.  This article is an interesting story of how one particular person contributed to the history of photography.

Admire These Dreamlike Colour Photos

Please find below several colour photos of a young lady dressed in red...

Mervyn O'Gorman's daughter in red