2 Alumni Return For A Visit

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Eliza Karasavvas and Courtney Richards Return To Visit Their Former High School, Girls' College

Eliza Karasavvas and Courtney Richards return to visit their former high schoolAn interview with 2 former Girls' College students, Eliza Karasavvas and Courtney Richards:

Anyone From Anywhere Can Do Anything:
More Than Just Lyrics to a Song by 21 Pilots

You can be anything you put your mind to…an invaluable lesson Eliza Karasavvas and Courtney Richards, Prefects for the Class of 2013, learnt at Girls’ College, and a mantra they live by today, which is living their lives without limits.

"I didn't realise when I started at Girls' College what I wanted to do, what my passion was" said Eliza whist visiting the school during a short break in her internship with a Pretoria medical facility. "In fact, initially I thought I wanted to pursue art, graphic design or something like that". But then she joined the Girls' College Interact Club, and by the time she was elected club President in 2013, she had changed her mind completely. She knew she wanted to do something which involved working in the community, helping those who needed it the most.

This was augmented by the words of the late Miss J, a beloved mentor who made her promise to follow her heart and go into something to do with humanitarian services. So on leaving Girls' College she enrolled at the University of Pretoria to study a four-year honours programme in social welfare, and has loved every moment of it. Eliza’s work experience, before going back to complete her studies, is working in a non-govermental organisation (NGO) for people with brain damage. "The spectrum is huge, both in terms of age and how they came to have their conditions. I have worked with people from 27 to 72, as well as with their families, trying to help them through the incredible challenges". "It's not an easy profession, but I've learnt that I have an inner strength when it comes to facing, and carrying out, the right thing. I have found my particular passion in working in the medical aspect of social services, and hope, once fully qualified to find a job in that field".

Courtney, Eliza’s friend since junior school, is in a related field to some extent, studying Psychology through UNISA while fulfilling her other passions: traveling, yoga and holistic living. "I'm very interested in clinical psychology, in helping people through their life's difficulties, and I can trace that interest back to lessons with Mrs Burrows in PE where she spoke about the power of psychology. I read some papers on it and thought that was what I would like to do". An ardent Girls' College hockey player and member of the school's 1st Team, Courtney is no longer playing team sports, but has taken the discipline and fitness gained from endless hockey practices into yoga. "Yoga is one of my big interests, together with holistic living as a whole, as is traveling which has really opened up my eyes to the world. I've been lucky to travel quite extensively. My favourite places being Edinburgh in Scotland, and Egypt, and I hope to have a lot more travel in my future".

Courtney is in her third year, with another five years to go before she can practice, but is enjoying her studies and the twin qualities of empathy and strength they are teaching her. "The greatest life lesson Girls' College taught me was that you can do anything, be anything you want in life. At Girls' College you can be an academic, a sportswoman, a musician, a community worker. You don't have to limit yourself to one field, not at school and not in life".

Eliza Karasavvas and Courtney Richards Visit Girls' College