Thank you for your interest in Girls' College.  This page contains the download link for our application form. Before you download the form, please read through the information below which outlines the entire application process.

Our application form can be downloaded using the link below.  It is in Adobe PDF format and can be opened and printed using Adobe Reader (  Alternatively, our form can be collected from our Administration Offices at the physical address shown at the bottom of this page.

The application form contains instructions and must be filled out in full with attached copies of :

  1. Daugther's birth certificate (certified)
  2. Latest school report
  3. 1 passport sized photograph
  4. US$50.00 registration fee

Without these your daughter's registration will not be processed.  The last page on our application form is a section which must be filled out by the Head of your daughter's current school.  We advise parents who are applying for a place for their daughter for the following year to please have their application form in to us before the end of March.

Form One Applications

For those who have correctly filled out our application form, another form will be e-mailed or forwarded to you asking you to confirm your 'school of first choice'.  If you select Girls' College for your daughter(s), this form, correctly filled in, must be returned to our offices no later than the date stipulated therein.  Included with this form will be a letter providing you with all necessary details regards the entrance examination mandated by CHISZ (Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe). 

The entrance examination is written on the same day for all private secondary schools in Zimbabwe, which is normally the first Saturday in July.  The exam usually begins at 7:45am, so you daughter(s) must be present by no later than 7:15am.  At this point it should be noted that if your daughter(s) passes the examination and is selected you will be expected to pay a non-refundable Acceptance Fee once you fill in and deliver to us our acceptance form (see point no. 5 below).  This levy is currently US$1000.00 for day scholars and US$1500.00 for boarders.

Please note if you feel that you cannot afford this fee please do not send your daughter(s) to write the examination. It is very disappointing for girls to pass the examination and be successfully selected, only to end up not attending Girls' College for financial reasons

With approximately 120 seats available and with more than 120 girls typically writing the entrance examination a selection process begins and concludes shortly after the test.  If your daughter is selected, an acceptance form and letter will be sent to you by the end of July.

To All Forms

If you do decide to fill in the acceptance form you should keep in mind that it must be delivered to Girls' College with the above mentioned non-refundable Acceptance Fee by no later than the end of August.  Please note that this fee does not include any school fees which are currently US$1750.00 per term for day scholars and US$3730.00 (US$1750.00 tuition and US$1980.00 boarding) per term for boarders.

We hope the above information makes the application process clearer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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