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Attention Girls' College Boarders

To all Girls' College student boarders, school hostels will be open as from 10:00am on Monday 2 May 2016. Please ensure you bring some lunch with you if you are dropped off early

Girls' College 2nd Term School Calendar 2016

Please note that hard copies of the 2nd Term school calendar will be available for collection from the Girls' College front office as from Thursday 28 April 2016 

Moulding Unique Women For The Modern World

Committed to graduating young women of high physical, mental, spiritual and moral standards who are confident in claiming their place in the modern world

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to the Girls' College website. Girls' College is an all-female high school located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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03May 2016
No Specified Time
03May 2016
No Specified Time
School opens. Second term 2016 begins
03May 2016
15:00 - 17:00
Hockey Practices
04May 2016
No Specified Time
04May 2016
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Gospel Assembly
04May 2016
14:00 - 14:30
Cross country trials
04May 2016
16:00 - 17:00
Hockey Trials

Important Term Dates

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    Second Term 2016

    May Tuesday 3 Girls' College opens at 7:15am. Second school term for 2016 begins
    Friday 6 Inter-House Athletics from 2:00pm - 5:00pm. Compulsory for all students
    Tuesday 24 Inter-House Singing. Cocktails at 5:00pm. Competition from 6:00pm. Compulsory for all students
    June Wednesday 15 Girls' College Literary Awards Ceremony.
    Friday 17 - Monday 20 Half Term break
    July Saturday 2 Form 1 2017 Entrance Examination
    Monday 11 - Friday 22 2016 Mid-year Examinations
    Friday 29 - Sunday 31 Golden Girls Hockey Tournament at Arundel High School in Harare
    August Thursday 4 Girls' College closes. Second school term ends. See you back in the Third Term
    Please note that the above dates and events can change during the term.  Notification of any changes will be communicated either via e-mail or this website
    Please find attached below our latest full term calendar for download

From The Principal's Desk

6th Form Forum

Form 6 students posing with School Principal Mrs Ross (center left), visiting Stellenbosch University lecturer and scientist Dr. Katherine de Villiers (center right), and Mrs Smith (center)

Form 6 students posing with School Principal Mrs Ross (center left), visiting Stellenbosch University lecturer and scientist Dr. Katherine de Villiers (center right), and Mrs Smith (center)

Our Upper and Lower 6th students had the privileged of being addressed by an ex-Girls' College student, Dr. Katherine De Villiers and her husband Dr. G. Arnott who are both senior lecturers at Stellenbosch University, last week.  They lecture in Chemistry and Polymer Science.

It was interesting to hear from them, their journey from school to where they are now, what opened their eyes to different opportunities and where their specialist areas now lie.  Dr. De Villiers is doing further research in malaria.  Mrs R. Smith was included in the above picture as she taught Katherine Junior Science, so had huge input into her future career.

Our School History

From our first pupils in January 1983, Girls' College has grown from strength to strength. Today Girls' College is one of the principal secondary schools in Zimbabwe.

How It All Began

The Girls' College Trust was formed in September 1982 for the purpose of establishing a private, multi-racial, inter-denominational secondary school for girls in Bulawayo. Girls’ College was duly registered as a private secondary school in terms of the Zimbabwe Education Act of 1979, and opened its doors to pupils in January 1983 with seventy five Form One pupils and six teachers. Forms Two and Three were added in May 1983 and the first set of Cambridge 'O' level examinations were written the following year in November 1984. A Lower Sixth Form was established in 1985, with the first Cambridge 'A' level examinations being written in 1986. Girls' College is inter-denominational with a Christian basis and all pupils are expected to attend school Assemblies. Boarders are expected to attend Chapel Services.

The school is located at what was the Queens Court residential hotel, which had closed down in 1982. There was space on the land to build classrooms, whilst the hotel's main residential section was transformed into a hostel for boarders. The old part of the hotel provided space for the administration block. Mr Ross Fuller was appointed as the school's first headmaster.

Since then Girls' College has grown in student numbers, buildings and facilities. More rooms were added over the next few years and the Ross Fuller Hall was opened in 1991. Gradually, surrounding residences were purchased (the school is located in a residential suburb) and converted into hostels. A large building across the road from the main school premise was purchased to become a centre for commercial classes and named Palmer House. Eventually another building was constructed next to Palmer House to provide new rooms for art and information technology subjects. Tennis courts were laid down and a swimming pool was finished. An area adjacent to the school was leased from the City Council to be used as a sports field. During summer this field caters for athletic disciplines, whilst in winter the field is converted into playing fields for field hockey.

After 10 years, the commercial side developed into a Business Studies centre and for a time courses for UNISA (University of South Africa) were run after school hours at Palmer House. A 'Garden of Remembrance' was also built on the main school premise to commerate teachers and pupils who had died. In 2003, after 21 years as headmaster, Mr Fuller retired and was succeeded by Mrs Hazel Vorster. Upon her resignation in 2007, she was temporarily replaced by Mr Todd until Mrs Ross was ready to take her place as headmistress in 2008.

Girls' College has a very good academic record. It is now a four stream entry school, catering for all levels of ability. It is not elitist or unwilling to accept the less academic, who often leave Girls' College very well equipped for work in the outside world. Although a young school by most standards, it has had two pupils who have obtained Beit Scholarships and five who have held Rhodes Scholarships.

Girls' College has an ethos all of its own. The pioneering spirit that characterised its early days lingers on in the unity and pride to be found among teachers, pupils and parents. Perhaps the College badge bears mute testimony to the aspirations of the school. It features a central crossed crosslet in red (an insignia which forms part of the coat-of-arms for the City of Bulawayo). The school motto, “Our Hope Is Constant In Thee”, found underneath the crosslet, reinforces the Christian basis of the school. Above the crosslet are three interlocking gold-coloured annulets which are symbolic, on three different levels, depending on the context in which one wishes to view them. It symbolises the teachers, pupils, and parents; or the academic, cultural, and physical aspects of the school; or the commercial, industrial, and educational professions which co-operated to establish the school.

There is a sense of optimism to be found at the school. A quiet, but firm commitment to the future. Our children are the future and Girls' College is dedicated towards producing the class of young women that will be able to take their place in the world, both locally and globally, with confidence, ability and grace.