Moulding unique women for the modern world ...

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gc headmistressWe would like to take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to the Girls' College website. Girls' College is an all-female high school located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Founded in 1982, the high school has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and continues to produce graduates of the highest possible standard. Indeed, as our slogan states :-

"Moulding unique women for the modern world"

Our website is intended to introduce our high school to, not only a general audience, but specifically to parents with children who are potential students for the future. This website aims to encompass all things Girls' College, from the rather unique history of our school to reaching out to all our former Collegians, many of whom are enjoying employment all over the world.

Our website will be evolving rapidly over the next few months as we expand our site whilst we attempt to cover all aspects of our school. We hope our visitors will find our website informative, so please return often.

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Posted by Girls College on 09th September 2014

We are happy to inform you that our Important Term Dates page has been updated for the 3rd Term period 2014.  At the bottom of the Important term Dates page is a link to download the 3rd Term Calendar as a PDF document. You can visit the page directly by clicking here. In addition to the above updates our academic, community &...

Supermoon photos by Ashley Heymans

Posted by Girls College on 19th August 2014

Supermoon photos by Ashley Heymans

Ashley Heymans Responds With Her Photos Of The Supermoon in August 2014 On the 10 August 2014 a full moon coincided with it being the closest to Earth for 2014.  When the moon's elliptical orbit around Earth brings it closest to our planet and this coincides with its full moon phase, it is called a "Supermoon" or "Super Full...

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Wed Oct 22 @14:00 -
City & Guilds Examination
Thu Oct 23
Waterpolo Tournament
Thu Oct 23 @14:00 -
City & Guilds Examination
Fri Oct 24
Waterpolo Tournament
Fri Oct 24 @14:00 -
City & Guilds Tournament
Sat Oct 25
Girls' College vs Midlands Christian College
Sat Oct 25
Waterpolo Tournament
Sun Oct 26
Waterpolo Tournament
Mon Oct 27 @14:00 -
City & Guilds Examination
Thu Oct 30
City & Guilds Examination